Yes, People with Asthma and Bronchitis Can Do the Treadmill…

…Or pace yourself and you will find your lungs get stronger.

(Before you wonder how I know, I have bronchitis for most of my life, and have learned this from trial and error.)

Don't start out power walking or running from the start.
Your lungs need to get used to the exercise.

We all want to get fit, look and feel better, but for those of us who suffer from asthma and bronchitis our cardio options are sorely limited.  Five minutes on an elliptical or treadmill leaves us gasping for air and wondering why we ever did this in the first place.  We get discouraged, and then start looking for excuses not to exercise.  We never think that pacing ourselves is the best way get that state of fitness that seems elusive.  

Follow these steps and you should be fine:  

  1.   Find exercises that make you focus on your breathing.
    • Yoga, Thai Chi, Qi Gong.  These three types will help you, not only with flexibility and core strength, they also place emphasis on breathing with your movements.  In the long run, they will help you draw a deeper breath and strengthen your lungs.
  2. Find your stride.
    • This is done by simply walking on the treadmill in order to find a speed that is perfect for you.  You need to walk on the treadmill in this manner until you and your body get used used to the action.  When your lungs are used to your this pace, step it up by a couple of tens of an mph.  For example.  3.0 mph to 3.2.
    • Keep this pace and formula until you up to the speed that will help you burn fat without wheezing.  
I can’t, and won’t give a time table on when you can speed up your pace.  Everyone is different in their health and fitness level.  This has worked for me, and I am sure it can work for you.

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