Working on New Things…

…  and managing to do it with only nine full fingers.  I have four stitches in one of them due to not looking when I reached into a drawer to grab a measuring cup, and grabbing the blade of a mandolin slicer instead.  OUCH, to say the least.  Well, as for my hiatus, I am truly sorry.  It seems that everytime I plan something, other things take place instead.  

Such is life…  

As for that…

The Summer of Hippie Love is Here!!!

  YEP! The long awaited schedule for the hemp classes will the placed on this blog, on Facebook and tumblr July 7!  

Each class will feature a different knot, your choice of accessories, how to measure your hemp, and a whole lot more!!!  If you want to learn to make hemp jewelry whether for selling or your own personal style, this is your chance!  

The Mad Crafter is at it again!!!  

Yes, I know. I am always doing things and keeping busy, but I am in the process of creating a whole store full of items, jewelry, herbals, and party decorations.   One person, yep, just me doing all of this in hopes that I will have enough items to go on the road with come next spring!  I am going to back on the road, and I am stocking up the year before.  I am looking for Pagan Gatherings, Pow-wows, and the like to sell my wares.  I am not adverse to a flea market or two.  I am taking suggestions now.  


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