In the Beginning…

…there was a box.

balsa wood box
It was a simple box, but someone wanted something very precious to go into it.

You see, this person was very much in love, and wanted a special box for a special ring, an engagement ring.  She needed someone to make the box, and of all the people in the land, she chose me to make a simple box into something special.

balsa box and velvet
The simple box met black velvet, and they got along well.

Box was feeling a little apprehensive, being just a plain box, it knew it needed something to make it truly something to hold a precious ring.  I coupled the box with black velvet, and a match was made, but first, we needed something on which the ring would sit.  The client happily provided the stand.

Hinge-less box
The little box was feeling a little bare without its hinges, but it knew big things were its future; so, it trusted the crafter.
The rotating led stand
Box waited for the mirrored stand to be placed in the velvet.

After box saw that the stand would fit snugly, it waited for the crafter to fix the ugly pieces of velvet that were sticking out, because jagged edges would never do.

hemming the cloth.
The crafter, not having any sewing skills, took glue and made a hem for the velvet that would go in the box.
painting the box
Box waited, and realized that the client would not be happy with wood showing brightly against the black. It breathed a sigh of relief as the crafter took black paint and began to hide the brightness.
painted box
Box was ecstatic! You couldn’t tell where the velvet stopped.
It was beginning to come together. Box was feeling really special now. Its hinges were being placed on it, one by one.
finished box
Box knew it was going to a good home. A note was carefully lettered and the parchment burned to distress it. The crafter then placed and decorated the picture in box.


In the end, the client loved the box, and I learned how to step outside my comfort zone.  I hope you liked the story.  


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