Sterling Silver and Dragonflies…

dragonfly perch
I always love how dragons flies tend to hover and float rather than fly. I could just sit on a front porch with some tea watch them all day.

I was working in the gas station as I often do a few weeks back when someone came in and inquired about having a bracelet made in sterling silver for his wife with blue crystal beads and dragonfly findings.  It told him that I would be able to do that.  He wanted it simple, yet elegant.  I love to make simple pieces.  I am one who finds hard to make large and chunky, at least on a regular basis.  This is the final product.

I don’t mind recreating pieces, provided that the materials are still available.  Styles change, and with changing styles, items get discontinued.  Drop me a line if you want this style as you see it here or with different charms. I can give you an estimate.  Until next time, God Bless and Keep Crafting!


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