Bead Unit on a Chain

bead unit on a chain
Step 1: Place bead on wire.

It seems simple enough.  After you do this, keep in mind where on the chain you want to put the bead.  Another simple step?  Maybe, but if you don’t put the bead in the right place, you’ll have to cut the sterling silver wire and start over.

  This part is a little trickier.  If you have too much space between the band and the bead, you won’t have a snug wrap when you finish the unit.

wrapping wire on pliers
Step 3 Bend the wire as shown here.

making a bead unit
Step 3 Take round nose pliers and wrap the wire around them.

   Should have taken a better picture.  You have to put the pliers to where they are just at the edge of the bend before you wrap the wire around and make the loop.

hook bead onto chain
Step 5: Here we go. Hook the bead onto the chain.

   Remember how I told you to keep in mind where you want the bead unit?  This is where that forethought comes into play.  Hook the loop onto the chain by threading the long end of the wire through the the place in the chain you want the bead to hang.

  Another tricky part.  Place the long nose pliers as close to the end of the loop as possible.  BE CAREFUL.  You are dealing with sterling silver wire at small gauges, and if you squeeze the pliers too tightly, you will break the wire and half to start over.  (I’ve done that a few times.)  Wrap the wire 2 1/2 times, and trim off the excess.  Using those same pliers, finish the wrap.

amethyst drops
I use this technique all the time when I am dealing with sterling silver. This insures that the beads won’t eventually fall off of the piece you are making.

 Until next time, God Bless.


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