Wine Bag to Jewelry Gift Bag

Wine Bag
I got this idea when I was trying to find a unique way to package my jewelry for the customers that came in the gas station.

I had white bags left over from an event that I decorated.  I was looking at them one day trying to figure out how I would make them into merchandise bags for my jewelry.

First cut
First I measured 1 inch above where the bottom rested on the bag.

  To cut off the bottom of the bag to use for an insert, I had to measure one (1) inch above where the edge of the bottom hit the bag when it laid flat.

First cut
Put the bottom of the bag to one side. Do not get rid of it. You’ll need it later.
Second cut
Measure one inch from the bottom.

   Measure one inch from the edge of the cut.  Be very careful here.  When you cut this piece, you are not cutting all of it off.  

Saving a fold
After you use the scissors to cut the sides closest to one one layer of the bag, fold that portion up.

   This is where you fold up a piece, and then cut the rest off of the bag.  Don’t throw away the cuttings.  You’re going to need them to reinforce the bottom of the bag. 

Measuring 1/4 inch
Measure 1/4 inch and cut.

  A 1/4 inch is all you are going to need to cut off the excess.  Glue the cutting flat.  When it dries, glue it to the flap that you left on the end of the bag.  It should now look like this:

reinforcing the bottom
See how gluing the excess make the bottom stronger?

 Now, play with the creases until you get a square bottom and you have just about 1/8-1/4 inch to fold over the edge so you can glue the bottom shut.

Bag bottom
The bottom is now glued. This is the back of the bag.
Decorating the front
I placed my business card on the front, but you can embellish any way you choose.

I will show you what I did with the bottom on the next post.  Until then, God Bless.


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