Ear Cards or Boxes? You decide. A Tutorial.


hand-crafted earcard
This is what I came up with to package earrings for wedding presents? Interested in how I did it? Keep reading.




These little boxes came to me when I received a request to make copies of an earring style for wedding party presents.  I knew that standard ear cards would not do.  I mean.  These are presents for Maids-of-Honor and Bride’s Maids, right?  Right.  So, I had to pull out my card stock and get to work on something that not only displayed the earrings, but served double duty as gift boxes.  They turned out to be pretty easy to make.  I was thankful for that.

First came the chicken (or the egg, whatever).

This would be the template I had to first make in order to get the boxes made.  So, I took plain craft card stock and did this:

cutting the template
Measured 2 1/2 inches from the top and then cut the blank out.

After I cut the blank strip out, I measured 1 inch from the top and drew a base line for the punch.  I erased it later.  I measured, from the left, 3/8 of an inch and then 7/8.  ( I corrected it later.)  I then made the punch and erased the guideline for the punch.  I measured 3/8 inch from the edge of the punch and then 3/8 from the hash mark. I had my start.  I then took a piece of scrapbook stock and started to outline, using the template, the number of cards I was going to need.  I cut them out.

positioning the dots
Those little pencil marks on the card stock? Yeah, I needed those. 🙂

I then lined up the template with the new blank and, with a pencil, I marked where the punch was supposed to go so that they will all line up correctly.  Now comes the creases.  

I lined up the straight-edge ruler and took a thin sewing needle and made crease marks in the card stock so I could fold the paper.  Any object with a solid, thin and blunt end will work.  I made the creases, and the first folds.  Now, here comes the tricky part about folding the box.

creasing the card stock
You can use any blunt instrument to crease the paper before folding it.
This is the tricky part.
This is the tricky part.



Line up the folded part of the box to the end that has not been creased yet.  Take your ruler, and put it as close as you can to the box part, and then mark the crease line.  Fold.  Repeat.  This is how you get it to wrap around. 

To make the guidelines for your lettering, take your ruler and draw lines from corner to corner, and then one across where the diagonal lines meet.  This is the center of the section that is going to be lettered. 

setting guidelines
Mark your spot, lightly now.
Put your letters on the space.
Put your letters on the space.


Letter the name in pencil first, lightly.  This is so, if it is not centered, you can go back and try again without having pencil dents in the card stock.  Now, you can go over it in ink, and then erase the pencil. 

This is it. All done.
This is it. All done.

I used doves, stamps, and embossing powder to embellish the boxes.  You can use whatever you like.  I hope you liked the tutorial.  

Until next time, God Bless.


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