Been Gone Too Long

Too long has this blog been quiet. I have been with my New (Old) love, Buddy. He is a truck driver, and I ride at his side, navigating and making sure the paperwork gets done. The divorce was final to my second husband in September, and though I am elated to be with my soulmate, I still pray for Mark and his family to heal, and move past this. I also pray for my son to understand that I did not lie about the twelve years that I was married. Mark is a good man at heart, but he wore me down emotionally, and spiritually. We would talk about the changes that both of us needed to make, but it seemed as if old habits were too hard to break on both our parts. I asked God for forgiveness, and I still do for all those whom I hurt. I have received fallout from this, but with, Buddy’s love, my mother’s support, and God’s help, I am learning to let go and let God handle the situation.

My son still will not speak to me. The past couple of times I have gathered the courage to call, no one answered the phone. I made a mistake on Facebook with a post, and it caused him to ask me to leave him alone. I just pray that God can work through him, and help with his pain.

Until next time, God Bless…


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