Sitting in Glade Spring, VA

Chesapeake Bay at Sunrise
Chesapeake Bay at Sunrise (wishing we were parking there…)

I am having the time of my life, seeing sights on a daily basis that make me just wonder how people can look at the world and say there is no God.  I have seen icicles on mountain sides (Can’t the pictures off of my not-so-smart phone, grrr.), snow piles that would hide the truck, and breath-taking sunrises.  There would be more pictures of those, but we had to buy more batteries for the camera.

I feel like a child experiencing everything for the first time.  I often find myself turning sideways (as much the seatbelt will let me) and propping myself to look out my window and just be in awe.  All this beauty that we as humans are too busy in our day-to-day grind to stop and notice.  I think we should all spend time each day tapping into our inner child and just marveling at the world around us.  Just shut that part of the brain off that analyzes everything, and tries to constantly tick off explanations, and, just like a child would react, be in awe and complete wonder at the world around us.  I have totally forgotten myself and went trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.  Buddy and I have “trudged” through two feet of snow pretending that we were traversing the Northern waste to get to a bathroom.  We have had snowball fights, and just stopped to stare at piles of snow that were made by the plows to clear off parking spaces.  We’ve drug our shoes through the snow, making tracks as we went along with train sounds, and just laughed at one another.

View from the Napoleon Bridge in Jacksonville, FL.
View from the Napoleon Bridge in Jacksonville, FL.

We enjoy each other’s company completely, and continue to have moments where we “flip the kid switch” and just have fun.  I never thought I would be seeing the country from the passenger side of an 18-wheeler, but now, I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I think I needed time to unplug from the rat race.  It did me a lot of good, and being with my beloved, is just icing on the cake.  I love him dearly.

He doesn’t judge, boss me around, or treat me like an idiot.  We are equals, and we have so much in common that we can keep ourselves occupied even when the radio doesn’t work, and we have no wifi connection.  We can talk for hours without arguing, and laugh at the signs that we find amusing.

Until next time,

God Bless.


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