Praying for our Military Chaplains as a Hero is Recognized

The unsung heroes of God, The Chaplains.

American Psalms

Prayer Point: Praying for our Chaplains

Later today President Obama will posthumously award the Medal of Honor to an incredible man of selflessness named Chaplain (Capt.) Emil Joseph Kapaun.    The brave Army Chaplain served in both World War II and Korea. Chaplain Kapaun exemplified what it meant to serve—he served his God, his country and especially his fellow soldiers. In November 1950, Kapaun was taken as a prisoner of war along with hundreds of other soldiers. The Chaplain put himself at great personal risk, but  moved under the cover of night to offer prayer and encouragement to the his fellow POW inmates. He also organized able-bodied soldiers to sneak out of the camp to steal food and firewood at night, saving many of the captives. Before he died in the POW camp, the men he had saved watched Chaplain Kapaun bless and forgive his captors. Mike Dowe, a young Lieutenant at the time, reported…

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