For those of you who are wondering…

…how a new blog has close to 200 posts, I will explain.

I have two other blogs that I have merged into this one in order to make my life a little easier to manage.  The Angels’ Muse and Angel’s Herbals our both my blogs, and I have had them for a long while; however, the names just didn’t reflect who I was and what I do. Sure, I had an “about” page on each of them, but the names just sounded too formal for me.  I agonized over creating yet another blog that reflected my personality and said what I did without much explanation, and voila, Li’l Bit’s Craft Corner was born.

Who is Li’l Bit?  This was a name that was given to me long ago by an old and new love of mine. (If you want to know the whole story, I have it written on  I once told myself that I wouldn’t put personal things on a public forum, but it didn’t turn out that way.  Who knew?)  He gave me the nickname because I was, and still am, shorter than he is, but I love it just the same.

Craft Corner?  What better way to encapsulate all my loves together in one place:  jewelry making, calligraphy, crafting herbals, and all kinds of other things.  This is what happens I guess when you’re ADD and lots of ideas.  You just put them all in one place.  I hope you like what is in store for the future.

Until next time, God Bless.



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