It’s Amazing…

…  the little signs God gives you to let you know that are with the one you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life.

For instance I am sure those who have been following my posts know that I have been struggling with eczema and psoriasis.  I have tried and tried to rid my hand of rashes,weeping pustules, and scales that peel and reappear for years.

Completely eczema free!
Completely eczema free!


My Frankenhand.  I had tried so many different things to fix it.
My Frankenhand. I had tried so many different things to fix it.









I haven’t done anything different other than run off with my true love, and my hand is back normal.  It went away all by itself.  I was astounded when I discovered this around December of last year.  Another thing that I have been fighting to remove were dark purple rings (or Raccoon eyes, I as I have come call them.) under my eyes that made me look tired and worn to the bone no matter how much sleep I got.

Anissa Mathias
Me on the trip to Miami.



No raccoon eyes!  YIPPEE!
No raccoon eyes! YIPPEE!


Have I been happy?  Yes, extremely.  I find myself looking at him from the passenger seat and smiling for no reason.  I feel like I am flying when he looks at me smiles.  I cannot fathom walking into a store or truck stop without my hand in his. I can’t seem to fall asleep most nights unless we cuddle and hold each other. We laugh; have conversations, and bounce ideas off of each other about the future, my business, and us getting a place together.  Every time he pulls me over in a shop to look at wedding sets, I get all giddy and start giggling.  I’ve never had that reaction to being married before.  I have smiled and been excited, but never giddy.

Twenty years was worth the wait.

Until Next Time, God Bless


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