Homeopathic Profile

This is a general explanation of how the listings of the homeopathic remidies.  Each section, if needed will have a brief description of what is to be expected.  There will also be a section at the end with cross-references to any essential or herbal profiles, if there are any.

The title of the post will have the Latin name of the remedy.  This is because they are marketed by their Latin name.

Common Names: Other names that is known under.

History: Brief history of Hahnemann’s findings on the substance.

Origins: Where the substance is generally found.

Background: What it is known to do.  This is where the cross-reference for herbal and essential oil profiles will be listed.

Key Symptoms: The most common symptoms the substance is known to cause/treat.

Preparation: How the remedy is generally made.

Remedy Profile: This section will be in list form.  It will include the name of the illness/disease, symptoms, and when they are better or worse.

Cross-references: If a homeopathic remedy has an essential oil or herbal profile associated with it, there will be a link here.

Warnings: What to look out for in the remedy as far as negative effects.

Pricing and availability: This part of the post will tell you the average price for the herb on the open market.  This includes bulk price, and prepared price.  I like to include this because there are companies out there that try to sell you herbs that are watered down and cut with something else to make it cheaper.

Sources for the Post: I by no means no everything there is to know about natural health.  Any links, book references, and any other sources used will be listed here.


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