Big Changes, Moves, and Edits on the Way…

This is the pic for pinterest.


There are a lot of changes ahead for this little blog…

You have already noticed that pages are popping up on an almost daily basis.  This is because I would like most of the information to be easy to find.  The products are going to be linked to pages that are titled the same as the categories.  The product information will also be linked to more detailed descriptions of the ingredients that are in them.  My main goal is to arm you with information that will help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being.


Tutorials will be more detailed and will inevitably include videos to help you get a better idea.  I will also start scheduling blog radio sessions and even webinars for herbal workshops.  I have a lot of stuff planned.

Lots of cross-referencing…

The aromatherapy, herbal, homeopathy and other natural health pages will have links on the pages to the items mentioned.  There are also existing posts that are going to be edited to fix any links that link back to the old blogs.  Any changes done to the blog will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, as well as the other social networks.  If you would like to follow our progress, please, scroll down to the bottom and click on any of the social media icons below.


Not everything is changing…


I know I had mentioned that Angels’ Herbals was changing to another brand name.  I lied.  Angels’ Herbals will stay the same.  This is so that they will not be hard to find.

While we are growing…

We will appreciate any and all suggests to make this blog, and the store that will be opening January 1, 2014 one of the best places for you to visit.  So, please feel free to place any comments below, or fill out the form.


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