The Crusade Continues!

pinterest graphic
pinterest graphic


I am still figuring out things little by little, but I think I am getting on top of this new learning curve.  I took a mini webinar for posting on Pinterest and got a ton of ideas, not to mention a whole other to-do list.  So, I am making pinterest graphics for all of my pins that will either link to this blog or, if the item is on sale at a venue, the link to the item on the venue’s site.  

I am finally getting the hang of Gimp 2.8.  It is very complicated, but I am on top of it.  The next step in my revamping mission is to watermark all of my pictures.  I have heard and read way too many stories of people stealing pictures and claiming them as their own.  If I post a picture of something that is not mine, I will include the link where you can find it.  I will also provide a link to the site where I found the tutorial for the style I used in pieces.  I don’t take credit for things that I didn’t come up with.  If you do find that I have something on my site that I claiming for, let me know the link, and I will correct the oversight immediately.  

Until next time, God Bless and Happy Crafting!


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