Traditional Double Chain Weave

 I got the idea for this one from a chainmaille book I bought at a craft store.

Double Chain weave.  Stainless Steel and Brass
Double Chain weave. Stainless Steel and Brass


There were other patterns, but I felt like trying this one first.  It seemed the easiest one try and get my feet wet.  She had done a necklace in sterling silver, but, with my budget, I was looking for, and found, materials that were cheaper and looked great together.  

If you want to buy this weave, but want a different length, you can purchase it by the inch:  

All Brass $3.00/inch paypalbutton
All Stainless $3.00/inch paypalbutton
All Copper $3.50/inch paypalbutton
Brass and Stainless $3.00/inch paypalbutton

Please, take note that the prices above are by-the-inch.  Follow me on Twitter; like me on Facebook, or even find me on Google+.  The links are on the sidebar.  If you wish for me to make this weave in either gold or sterling silver, please email me at lilbitscc(at)  Market prices change all the time.  Precious metals orders are pre-pay only.  I will accept half up front, and the other half when I send you a picture of the finished product. As always, I will contact you when I receive your order, again, when I ship it.  Allow at least a week for assembly and another 3 days to ship.

Until next time, God Bless and Keep Crafting!


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