The Posting Schedule

I finally got around to making a posting schedule.  Here you go!  It may change.

1st Monday: Herbal Profile

2nd Monday: Made in America

3rd Monday: Jewelry Tutorial

4th Monday: Recipe or Tutorial

Herbal Profile Posts will also include features such as “The Herbs in Your Kitchen”, “The Flowers in Your Garden”, and “The Weeds in Your Yard”.  The feature posts will be linked to the main Materia Medica Page.


1st Tuesday: Essential Oil Profile

2nd Tuesday: Guest Blogger Post

3rd Tuesday: Jewelry Post

4th Tuesday: Recipe or Tutorial


1st Wednesday: Homeopathic Profile

2nd Wednesday: Bach Flower Profile

3rd Wednesday: Illness Post

4th Wednesday: Recipe or Tutorial


1st Thursday: Vitamin post

2nd Thursday: Jewelry Tutorial

3rd Thursday: Editorial

4th Thursday: Recipe or Tutorial


1st Friday: Recipe Review

2nd Friday: Product Review

3rd Friday: Book/app Review

4th Friday: Catch-all

This schedule will not officially launch until August.  This will give me time to line up some posts, and hopefully, stay ahead of it.  In August, this post will be made into a page you can find attached to the “Welcome” page.


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