The Mad Crafter at Work…

…or would it be the mad herbalist?  You decide.

table full of books
The workspace.


This is what happens when I sit down to make a post or two.  I open a book with a particular idea in mind, in this case a series of posts called “The Herbs in Your Kitchen”, and I start to correlate data from both books and the internet.  The notebook you see there is my way of keeping track of where to find information on certain herbs.  Yes, it is a cross-referencing notebook, an index if you will.  Does that make me OCD?  I will let you decide.  I just like to have something to help me find the information should I need to go back to it to do a more extensive profile or look up information.



Do I mind?  No, I don’t mind at all.  As a matter of fact, this is when the scholar, or nerd, in me thrives.  I can do this for hours and lose track of all time.  I love doing research because it means it will end up on this blog and help you in the future when you are looking for information.  I hope to have everything in these books on this blog one day.  Yes, it will take a while, and I will probably fill more than one notebook with cross-references and drafts for posts, but this is my passion.  I may not have a degree, but I hope my thoroughness will more than make up for the lack of a paper that tells you I know what I am doing.  (At least for now I don’t have the paper.)

Until next time, God Bless, and stay healthy!

Li’l Bit



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