Vitamin/Mineral Profile

Here is the format for the vitamin posts:

Vitamin letter/Mineral Name:

Compound Name:  Many vitamins not only have a letter, they have a compound name as well.  This will be listed here.  In cases where there is more than one compound, there will be links to the other profiles that highlight those.

History: How the vitamin was discovered.

Why Do You Need It?  A list of the benefits of the vitamin/mineral

RDA: This will be the legal minimum daily allowance of the vitamin/mineral.  What will be listed here is not the maximum.

Side Effects:  If there are any effects of taking too much of the vitamin/mineral, it will be listed here.

Interactions: If the vitamin/mineral interacts with any drugs or substances, it will be listed here.

Are You Deficient? A list of symptoms of a possible deficiency.  Please see a doctor to make sure, and do your own homework on this.

Where Do I Find It?  List of links to what foods give you the vitamin/mineral.  Why links?  Because listing them all would make a whole other post.

Supplement pricing: If you need to buy a supplement, this will let you know about how much to expect to pay for a good quality supplement.

Sources for the post: All the books and links that I used to make the posts.



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