But I love Dogs, I really do!

AKA  The day I fell in love with a cat, kitten really.

Do not look at the world through rose colored glasses. Instead, look at it the world through God's Love. http://www.nittanybeaglerescue.org


I love dogs, I really do.  I love the way they are always happy to see you, no matter how long you’ve been gone.  Yes, when they are going, they go through their share of chewing (socks, shoes, furniture if you let them), and oopses on the floor, but I love dogs.  I love the way they seem to know when you need that extra bit of attention when you’re feeling down and lonely.  I love how grateful they are when you give them attention.

I am a dog person; so, why I am telling you this?

Because, there is a kitten that has stolen my heart, and his name is Neville.  Let me explain…



I am staying with a very good friend of mine and her mother.  They have one dog, two cats, four kittens, one hamster, and seven ball pythons.  Wait?  No shivers please, I will explain about the pythons tomorrow.  They aren’t bad, but this is about how a kitten stole my heart; so, it wouldn’t be fair to let the pythons steal the show…

This is Lily...
This is Lily…


Lily came to live with Amanda in June.  She was brought home pregnant.  Amanda, my friend said they found her at a yard sale.  The owners of Lily wanted to leave her when they moved because of her constant meowing.  I know right?  How can you be so petty as to abandon an animal just because of the sound they make?  She was emaciated, weighing in at only 3 pounds!  Pregnant!  Oh, the humanity!  How could you do that to another living creature?  Even though I am a dog person at heart, I can’t stand it when someone mistreats another living thing.  It turns my stomach.

So, Amanda brought her home, and proceeded to feed her in order to give her, and her kittens a fighting chance.  Then it happened.  On July 5, 2013, Amanda went in to check on momma, and there they were, four little happy kittens, and one mom who was finally happy to have them in this world.  She was purring away in-between meows.

Pippin and his momma playing with a bag.
Pippin and his momma playing with a bag.


Being the geeks that we are, we named the momma and her young after literary and movie characters.  So, it’s now August 1, and we have Lily and Pippin playing with a bag.  Don’t worry, as you can already tell, I was there and so was Amanda.  We didn’t let anything happen to the little tike.  They grow so fast.  The kittens are climbing out of the box they were born in, and exploring their world.  Amanda is keeping Pippin.





Say hello to Neville.
Say hello to Neville.


This is Neville, the kitten that stole my heart.  How?  Well when I went in there one day they were all mewing and he got quiet and snuggled when I picked him up.  I think that’s when it happened.  How could you say no to this little guy?  How could you say “no” to a little tiny thing when they snuggle?  And those eyes!  Goodness!  Yep, I just added being a cat person to my repertoire.





Here are some more pictures:

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