Aconitum napellus

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Aconitum napellus
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Homeopathy is the principle of “like cures like”.  This are the symptoms a healthy person would experience if ingesting this remedy

Common Names: Aconite, Monk’s Hood, Wolf’s Bane, Blue Rocket, Friar’s Cap

History: In 1805, Hahnemann discovered its uses for external medicine.  It became popular in bloodletting for acute fevers and inflammations

Origins: This plant is known to grow in damp shady mountain regions, typically Europe and Central Asia

Background: It is still used externally today to relieve bruising and joint pain.  It should not be used on broken skin.

Key Symptoms: Complaints triggered by shock or exposure to cold winds, panic attacks and fear of death, acute infections with sudden onset, gastro-intestinal complaints brought on by extremely hot weather, Tingling coldness and numbness internally.

Preparation: Pastilles and ointments

Remedy Profile: 

  • Acute Respiratory Infections
    • Cold or flu symptoms that come on rapidly
      • especially after being exposed to cold, dry winds
    • Possibility of phlegm and a sore throat
    • Possibility of a fever that makes the skin dry and hot
    • Croup and other acute respiratory chest infections
      • Breathlessness
      • Burning heat in the chest
      • hoarse, dry, barking cough
    • Restless sleep is frequent as well as agitated
      • Face might be hot, flushed and swollen
      • Upon waking the face could be pale
      • Possibility of sever headaches with a raging thirst for cold drinks
    • Due to the nature of the illness, everything except drinks tastes bad.
    • Skin is hypersensitive/does not like to be touched
    • Symptoms Better
      • With warmth and lying down
    • Symptoms Worse
      • With heat; in stuffy rooms, lying on the effected area, walking, at night, from music
  • Eye and Ear Infections
    • Inflamed eyes with aching, burning pain
      • due to injury or conjunctivitis
    • May be oversensitive to light
    • Ear infections develop very quickly and cause intense pain
      • Bright red ears
      • hypersensitivity to noise
    • May also have a high fever, restlessness and fearful agitation
    • Symptoms Better
      • With quiet and darkness
    • Symptoms Worse
      • In light, near noise
  • Fear, Shock, and Anxiety
    • Acute fear and anxiety with restlessness
      • Shocked, staring eyes with dilated pupils
        • After witnessing a highly traumatic event
        • Being exposed to a phobia
    • May bring on recurring panic attacks with palpitations, and tingling in the body.
    • Symptoms Better
      • Open air, with rest
    • Symptoms worse
      • Stuffy rooms, from crowds, at night
  • Problems in Labor
    • Strong fear of death from the mother during labor
    • Urine retention in either the mother or child after birth
    • Symptoms Better
      • In open air, with rest
    • Symptoms Worse
      • Feeling overheated, feeling chilled, violent emotions

Cross-references: none at this time

Warnings: An over dose may lead to poisoning.  Please, do not use this except under the advice of a health care professional.  Keep away from children.

Pricing and availability: Very easy access to this remedy, and it starts at $5.00 for a small bottle.  Beware, if you are avoiding lactose, many pastilles contain lactose.

Sources for the Post:

-Locke, Andrew, MB, ChB, MRCGP, MF; Encyclopedia of Homeopathy, 2000

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