Made In America: Made in Lowell

Made in Lowell
Made in Lowell

Another with the crafting bug, Liz Smith has been crafting things since her childhood.  Her etsy shop feature crocheted and knitted items made with hand-felted materials.  She also does polymer clay and paper crafts.

Don’t forget to visit her shop!

I see that you credit your mom for starting you on the crafting path, what was the first thing you made?

I don’t remember the very first thing I made. I suspect I was making things as soon as I could hold a crayon. I know mom used to make salt dough for us to play with; we used coloring books, and when I got older, we carved stamps in potatoes for printmaking. We had this tall, endless roll of craft paper in the living room, and she would pull a long piece off so I could lie on the floor making a mural all day.

What would you say you’re favorite medium is to create crafts?

I’m definitely having a love affair with wool right now, but I still adore polymer clay which I’ve been using since the 1980s. I also love to take pictures; my latest hobby is hand sewing. Fabrics are so much fun!

What is the hardest medium you ever had to use?

Let’s see, I went to art school where I was exposed to oil painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Sculpture was definitely the hardest with rock carving and welding. Welding was definitely not for me!

What brought you to Etsy?

I’ve been making and selling things since the 80s. When the internet happened in the 90s, I tried opening an online shop, but it was super complicated and awkward, and expensive! In 2006, I opened an Etsy shop because it was easy and cheap. Then I found a wonderful community of makers from all over the world; I didn’t expect that bonus! It’s been amazing to virtually meet (and sometimes in real life too!) all these talented people.

Do you have any other online shops where you sell your crafts?

I’ve tried a lot of other selling platforms, but they’ve never compared to Etsy so that ends up being where I concentrate all my efforts. In addition to selling online I also sell at Open Studios once a month, in shops, and galleries, and at craft shows during the holidays.


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