Bach Flower-Agrimony

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Latin Name: Agrimonia Eupatoria

Profile:  Agrimony, in relation to the soul, is joyfulness and a skill to confront others.  When the soul is negative, everything is done to not pay attention to the negative aspects of life.  Including these negative aspects are difficult.  They will often wear a mask of happiness and not admit that anything is troubling them when asked.  Only those that know them well will know that something is wrong.

Someone exhibiting a negative Agrimony state will internalize emotions rather than expressing them and will harbor anxiety and fear over material things, illnesses, losing money or problems with finances or problems at work.  They will act brave, make jokes, anything not to let on that something is bothering them or that they are unhappy in a given situation.

They will go out of their way to make peace, even if it means making sacrifices.  They are known as the life of the party, the one person everyone wants to be around.  They are very popular.

Some Naturopaths will say that this stems from childhood when they are told keep smiling and be polite no matter the scenario.  They will be more concerned with keeping up appearances, not showing the turmoil under it all.

Agrimony Key Symptoms:  A facade of happiness and a carefree attitude are consciously hiding deep troubles, depression, and negative feelings in general.

Symptoms Due to Energy Block: 

  • Thrives and loves to be in a peaceful atmosphere.  Any kind of choas or confrontational behavior causes mental stress.
  • Will go out of their way to make peace in a volatile situation.
  • In order to keep their peace of mind, will make almost any sacrifice.
  • “Always smiling”,  will hide any problems or mental distress behind a mask.
  • Places utmost importance on appearances and impressions.
  • Will change a delicate or stressful subject when brought up by others.  Trivializes problems or does not speak of them.
  • Look for events of any kind to escape nagging worries, thoughts.  Looks for excitement.
  • Socializes to forget about their problems.
  • The life and soul of every party.  The person who seems to know how to defuse any given situation.
  • Will cope with difficult times by choosing alcohol, drugs or other destructive behavior.
  • Always has to be on the move, doing something to not think.
  • Will play down the severity of an illness, even cracking jokes to lighten the mood.
  • Children: Harbors inner turmoil, usually bounces back from troubling situations or quickly forget about troubles.

Potential Following Transformation:

  • Temperament becomes even.  Becomes more objective.
  • Is genuinely joyous inside.
  • Trusts “looking on the bright side”.  Uses diplomacy cleverly.  Peacemaking is effortless.
  • Can better cope with and integrate negative experiences.
  • Problems are now not seen as catastrophes.
  • Is able to laugh at one’s own discomfort and worries.  Is aware of their impact.
  • “Aware of unity in diversity.” ( Scheffer, p. 40)

Supportive Measures:

  • No more “Rose colored glasses”, look at the situation objectively.  Weigh pros and cons.
  • Recognize conflicts and conflicting situations, often working through them using paper and pen.  Pointing out underlying principles.
  • Finding opposites within yourself and relating them.
  • Seeking depth.
  • Being more of a giver.
  • Yoga to better balance one’s self.

Positive Affirmations:

“I understand that darkness balances light.  I will see the situation for what it is, and not what I want it to be.”

“Inner peace is attainable.  I will find it within me.”

“I am finding the lightness in the darkest of times; so that I can enjoy them.”

“I am learning every aspect of my being.”

Cross References:  Herbal Profile


-Scheffer, Mechthild; Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice; 1988.

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