What it looks like when…

you merge two blogs into one and re-brand at the same time.

Side-by-side, bit-by-bit
Side-by-side, bit-by-bit

I would like to personally thank the person who came up with Evernote.  Without that cool app, I would have pieces of paper in a binder to remind me of what to do.  I have to go back in all my blog posts, pinterest, flickr, and anywhere where I have pictures, and redo them, under the new business name.  I am eventually going to re-edit all the pictures so they have my watermark.  I wouldn’t have to do that if people wouldn’t steal pictures and claim them for themselves.

This gives me time to get a little more organized.  Yep, me, the ADD one, organized, can you believe it?  It helps me stay focused and on task.  I also have an alarm clock on my computer to let me know when I need to get up and move my behind out of the chair.  I will get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I will stay at the computer, staring at it all day.  Getting into a routine is the hardest part, but for my business, and my dream, it’s worth it.


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