Homeopathic Profile-Agaricus Muscarius

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Homeopathy is the principle of “like cures like”.  This are the symptoms a healthy person would experience if ingesting this remedy.

Common Names: Agaricus, Fly Agaric, Bug Agaric

History: This toadstool was used by Siberian Shamans because of its hallucinogenic properties to aid in vision quests.  There is a belief that this plant is where the Hindu soma drink derived.  This drink was said to grant the drinker with increased strength and stamina.  It is highly toxic, and an overdose is fatal.

Origins: This toadstool is found during the summer in dry pastures and has been known to grow in Scotland, Scadanavia, other parts of Europe, Asia and the US.

Background: It is used today mainly for nervous system disorders.  It is not recommended to use more than the recommended dose.

Key Symptoms: Twitching and spasms, chilblains, depression or over-excitement, fear of cancer, complaints that are worse after intercourse.

Preparation: Pastilles, normally small.

Remedy Profile:

  • Nervous System Disorders
    • Twitching and spasms in most muscle groups caused by degenerative neurological disorders.
      • i.e. Senile dementia, Multiple sclerosis
      • They tend to appear diagonally from one side of the body to the other.
      • Pains are far worse than the norm for the condition.
        • Sharp shooting pains
          • Possibility of convulsions and spasms
        • Movements are erratic
          • Shaky
          • Clumsy
          • Awkward
          • Staggering gait
    • Symptoms may include Bell’s palsy, fainting, chorea, neuralgia, and sciatica.
      • Symptoms Better
        • Slow movement. with sleep
      • Symptoms Worse
        • In cold air
        • Before thunderstorms
        • After sexual intercourse
    • Chorea 
      • Twitching , erratic unpredictable movements
      • Sensation that the limbs are not attached to the body.
      • Symptoms Better
        • Slow movement.
        • With sleep
      • Symptoms Worse
        • In cold air
        • Before thunderstorms
        • After sexual intercourse
    • Parkinson’s Disease
      • General weakness with trembling and twitching limbs that have the normal symptoms.
      • Spine may be sensitive to touch
      • May also include
        • Great Anxiety
        • Despair
        • Fear
        • Hypochondria
      • Symptoms Better
        • With slow movement
        • With sleep
      • Symptoms Worse
        • Before thunderstorms
        • After sexual intercourse
    • Chilblains
      • Usually accompanied by burning and itching
      • Skin shows signs of redness and swelling.
      • Symptoms Better
        • With heat
      • Symptoms Worse
        • In cold air
        • From cold compresses
    • Alcoholism
      • Delirium Tremens
      • Giddiness
      • Impulse to fall backward
      • Face is puffy and red, not hot
      • Maybe an increase in appetite
      • Symptoms Better
        • With slow movement
      • Symptoms Worse
        • In cold air
        • Before Thunderstorms
        • After Sexual intercourse
        • After eating

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Warnings: Mild over dose can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, and confusion.  These usually clear up within 24 hours, but a large overdose is fatal.

Pricing and availability: Easy to find, and ranges from $7-$20 depending on the dose per pastille and number of pastilles in the container.

Sources for the Post:

-Lockie, Andrew, Dr. MB, ChB, MRCGP, MF, Hom, Dip, Obst, RCOG. Natural Health Encyclopedia of Homeopathy.

Agaricus muscarius | National Center for Homeopathy


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