Lists, reminders, and hopefully getting it together…

I am a creative person.  I love to draw, make jewelry, practice calligraphy, make teas, syrups, and all kinds of things.  I do it as the mood hits me.  What is wrong with this?  I am not very organized.  I start out that way, but it slowly




I have to put things back?  Really?  I can’t leave everything out where I can see it?  Nope, so I sort, label, store, and make lists.  I make lists for posting things, fixing things, making things, buying things, lists for goals, and lists for reminding myself what to do when I first get up.  I look at my lists, and know, if I follow them, I will a lot accomplished.  I will.  I really will, but then my creative side kicks in, and the lists get put on the back burner, for weeks, months, or, I get up feeling down and missing my love who is on the road, and I begin to click, scroll, and refresh the social sites I browse, and spend the whole day like a bump on a log.

I made more lists last night.  Two small ones that are now sticking to my laptop.  So far, so good.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Until next time, God Bless.


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