Made in America…Mischievous Artistry

Click here for the shop!
Click here for the shop!

Do you have a geek bone?  Is there something you are absolutely head-over-heels over? Do you love comic books, novels, movies, or games, but don’t like that “Made in China” tag?  I have the vendor for you!

Mischievous Artistry makes all things geek, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions.

When did you first get bitten by the crafting bug?

Well I’ve always been crafty but never thought to do it as a business until about 3 years ago.

What medium did you start using?

My first medium was polymer clay.

What are your favorite things to craft?

I love making miniature books! Honestly anything geekey or gamer related I love to work on.

What was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to make?

So far the hardest item I’ve had to work on has been a two piece instrument wedding topper. Each was 6 inches tall and had to match the bride and grooms actual instruments.

I see you make things that bring out the geek in people. What is your geek passion?

My geek passion is video games. I love my Xbox haha. I’m also a huge Disney geek and living in Florida visit whenever I can.

What drew you to Etsy?

Selling and buying on Etsy was suggested by a friend who had seen my items while visiting me and was in love with the pieces I had made for my family members. She told me she bought a lot of handmade items on Etsy and suggested I look around and try opening a shop. I did and within three months I had sold out and had about 20 preorders for christmas! It’s been an amazing 3 years as a seller on here!

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