Guest Blogger- Gracious Pantry


Looking for healthy recipes and quick dinners that aren’t loaded with additives and sugar can be an endless quest, and one that can be easily abandoned because of the time it takes to read labels and sift through pages of recipes.
I found this blogger through Pinterest, and she has some delicious looking recipes and tips to help you get through your week without reaching for the sugar.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.





  1. When did you start getting into eating healthy?
    I started eating clean in 2009, which is when I started to help keep track of what I was eating.
  2. Was it hard to switch your family over to a healthy lifestyle?
    My husband never made the change, but he always ate what I cooked. So in that respect, it was pretty easy. My son was raised with clean foods from day one. But I do know that many people have a hard time with getting their families on board and there are lots of things you can do to help them with that adjustment.
  3. What is the “No Sugar Challenge”?
    Sugar has been compared to cocaine because it has some of the same effects on the human brain. We have no need for added sugars and our society has become overly addicted to it. The No Sugar Challenge is my way of helping people kick the sugar addiction. The minimum time for the challenge is 2 weeks. Less than that, and it’s pretty hard to see the difference a sugar-free life can create. But basically, you avoid all added sugars and fruits are limited to 3 pieces per day. This includes stevia and all sugar substitutes which in some cases, are worse for you than sugar itself. The people who truly commit themselves to the challenge experience many types of benefits including weight loss.
  4. What would you say your favorite dish is to prepare?
    I like easy dishes. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and while I love it, some days I just want something quick and easy. Pizzadillas or Pita Pizzas are some of my favorites, as is my taco salad. I make that one often and actually have two versions of it on my web site.
  5. When did you write your first cookbook?
    I co-authored my first cookbook in July of 2012, and the second not too long after that. I’m working number three on my own this time and loving every moment of it. This new one should be out in Fall of 2014.  I also have ebooks available. Some are collections of recipes from my blog, and I have one Clean Eating Desserts ebook as well. None of those recipes are on my blog.
  6. How many times did you have to make the same dish until you thought it was good enough to put in your book or on the blog?
    Depends on the recipe. Some of them are perfect the first time I make them, so they go right onto my blog. Others take a little work. I will sometimes remake them 2 or 3 times to get them just right.



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