Bach Flower-Aspen

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Latin Name: Populus tremula

Profile:  Aspen, as it relates to the soul, helps the soul to realize fearlessness, helps it to overcome and resurrect.  When the soul is negative, it is said that the person is skittish or has a thin skin.  

Someone in the negative Aspen state has irrational fears.  They are also very emotional.  In a mystical sense, they are very sensitive to the astral and dream states, unable to shake a bad feeling or recover from a nightmare.

Negative Aspen people suffer from anxiety attacks, and paralyzing fear from something in their past, often abuse or sexual assault.

Children in the negative state will insist on the door to the bedroom stay open and a light stay on for fear of monsters or the “bogey man”.

Agrimony Key Symptoms: Inexplicable, vague fears, apprehensions, secret fear of some impending evil




Symptoms Due to Energy Block

  • Groundless fear, day and night
  • Having the “creeps” or a feeling of being under a spell
  • Deceiving one’s self, delusions
  • Letting your imagination run away with you
  • Unhealthy fascination with the occult phenomena and overly superstitious
  • Fear of persecution, of punishment.  Irrational fear of an invisible force or power
  • Nightmares, waking in a panic or fear.  Not wanting to back to sleep.
  • A fear of thoughts and dreams of religious subjects, darkness and death
  • “afraid of fear”, but doesn’t dare to talk about it to anyone
  • Anxiety attacks-trembling, sweating, gooseflesh
  • Children afraid to be alone or sleep in the dark.  Fear of the “bogey man”

Potential Following Transformation

  • Is able to go into more subtle planes of consciousness.  Gain insight into esoteric and religious lines of thought
  • Can access a higher spirituality.  Feels attracted to exploring them

Supportive Measures

  • Participate in hobbies that will “Ground” the person.  e.g. pottery, gardening
  • Avoid anything that will unnerve the mind. e.g. alcohol, horror films

Positive Statements for Practice

  • “My heart is full of confidence and strength”
  • I am in God’s hands.”
  • “I will be guided, in my own best interests.”
  • For Children: “I have a guardian angel.”

Source for post

Scheffer, Mechthild. Bach Flower Therapy, Theory and Practice. Copyright 1988





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