The Next Two Weeks…

There may be a few random posts on here the next two weeks, but no scheduled ones.  My hubby is coming to get me back on the truck (He drives a semi.) October 4 , and I need to get things together and purchased for the truck.  This means provisions, lists for items needed, and getting a wifi hotspot so can keep in touch with all of my friends, family, you wonderful people who are following my blog.  I have 24 followers now, and I get excited with every new one.  In the coming months, we will be saving for a portable printer for the truck, and paying up so that I can shop my jewelry from the road.  We will still be saving money for a permanent place, and, when that happens, I will have a workshop again, and I will be able to make my herbal teas, bath salts and so much more!  I can’t wait!



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