Back on the road…

…and facing problems as they come.



We are in a small town in Oklahoma, in a hotel (Holiday Inn Express), loving the hospitality despite the fact that we didn’t purchase a room for the night.  They are letting us use their wifi and watch their television.  I am running through lists in my head of how I am going to get everything rolling as far as more blog posts. making jewelry, and more importantly setting things up so that I can mail from the road.

Our hotspot experiment has been a success.  When we pay for another month, we are going to opt for the 10 MB limit.  We have a 3 MB limit now, and it’s just about used up.  It lasted good 20 days, but, in order for me to start posting regular, we are going to have to up the limit.

I have my portable bead station, and I am loving it.  I will post again with pictures of it; so, that you can see my new toy.  I am working on setting goals for myself for making jewelry and posting regular.



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