Organizing and pondering…

Ever wonder what a craft-person does when restricted to a small space?  For example, a jewelry maker and natural health researcher?  Here is the answer:

Crates under the truck bunk.
Crates under the truck bunk.


This leaves a space for smaller containers, say, other canned goods, extra bread, and the like for the road.  The only way to save a few buck is to plan ahead.

Now, writing in a bouncy truck is challenging, but once I get it typed and uploaded, I don’t worry about my penmanship.   After I work on my outline for my story, I will be taking pictures of my projects that I am working on currently.  I still am trying to figure out how to finish a dragon for a friend.  That, by far, is the most challenging chainmaille piece to date.  Even more so than my angel order.


Oh, and I am thinking about merging my personal blog with this one.  I really need your advice on this one.  Should I keep them separate or merge them?



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