Story update…

…or how the computer went kaput, and ate the original story.

The story I was writing at the beginning of the month has gone the way of the dodo.  Yes, my computer, due to outside forces (Ahem, me slamming the lid down and shoving it somewhere out of frustration over a website that we won’t discuss.), has a hard-drive that decided to go on strike for a while.  When we got it up and running again, we could not recover the story that I was working on.  Poo.  However, being the ADD person that I am, I had another story that I had been writing during the summer that I am running with in an attempt to meet the NaNo deadline.  Here is the general idea for the story:

A girl of 21, through four years of hard work, is now the owner of a house for the displaced, abused, and abandoned.  The year is 2150, and the United States as we know it does not exist.  It has been broken up into mini nations (Map will be forthcoming.) or districts.  No, I have not read The Hunger Games.  The idea came from a role-playing game called Shadow Run.

She finds herself in a sticky spot when the government threatens to close her doors if repairs are not done in a ridiculously short amount of time.  She goes where she always goes to think, and she finds a gate to another world, a world she’s only read about in books.

The other world, which is a fantasy world, is going through border wars, and upon realizing two of their own have erected the gate, decide to send someone through to make relations.  All the while, an evil presence has made its way into our world.

I hope you enjoy it!  I will be posting snippets here and there.


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