My Favorite Companion…

…Or I am showing my geek again.

I remember summers in Miami, and watching Doctor Who with my Grandfather.  I grew up with Tom Baker (My most favorite Doctor.), and his companion, Sarah Jane Smith (My most favorite companion.).  We would watch everyday faithfully, without interruption.  This was our time, and I will never forget them.  My heart sunk when I heard that she had passed.

David  wrote the forward for her autobiography, and you can hear the absolute admiration in his voice when he reads it here.

My favorite Doctors?  Here is my top five.

  1. Tom Baker
  2. John Pertwee
  3. David Tennant
  4. Peter Davison
  5. Matt Smith

My favorite companions?  Top five.

  1. Sarah Jane Smith
  2. The Ponds
  3. Rose Tyler
  4. Clara Oswin
  5. Donna Noble

I know I have fellow Whovians that read this.  Who are your favorites?



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