ADD, Evernote, Calendars and Getting it Together…

…or how to stop my brain from going a million miles an hour.

This is my brain. picture from:
This is my brain.
picture from:

Take pictures, no make posts, no exercise, no make jewelry, no check phone.  This is my brain on ADD.  I make these periodic posts to, hopefully, help others like me, who are children and adults alike get through days without shutting down or starting a ton of projects in a day and disappoint themselves when nothing is finished.  Without any structure, my day looks pretty much like the picture I shared.  Tons of ideas running through my brain, competing for attention.  I refuse to take drugs for it; so, I come up with other means to cope.






I meditate.  I was told by a psychologist, that it trains the brain to focus better.  I make lists.  Lots of lists: goals, chore, to-do lists for business and personal, and I schedule.  I make deadlines for myself.  I make sure my goals and my lists coincide so I don’t drown myself in doing things, and miss a goal completely.

My schedule includes a clock on my laptop with an alarm. This is so I don’t spend too much time online doing social media or playing games.  I can waste a whole day flipping from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr.  I can wile away hours playing Castleville Legends on my phone, and Dragon City, and getting frustrated with Candy Crush.  (Don’t judge.  I know I am not alone.)  I resolve to follow my lists no matter what.

So what’s the problem?  Like people with autism, when I am put in a new situation (riding in my fiance’s truck), it takes me a while to get back into a groove.  It’s taken a few months this time to realize that I need to download Evernote again and get crackin’.  Will I make it?  Yep, I’ve gotten this far.  Will I be able to do everything I want?  No doubt in my mind.  Will I have days that I don’t even look at the computer?  Probably, but they won’t be that many, not with my store opening up.

So, for those of you out there like me, you CAN do it, and you CAN do it WITHOUT drugs.  Getting restless?  Go for a walk or exercise.  It helps.  Trust me.

Until next time, my friends,

God Bless and Stay Healthy!



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