Projects, Listings and Goals… OH MY!!!

Sterling Silver charm bracelet.
Sterling Silver charm bracelet.

It’s crunch time, and I still have much to do.  Pictures to re-take, listings to list, projects to line up, books to finish writing, and goals.  Yes, those, too, I need to set those.  Admittedly, I’ve always winged those.  I have to buckle down make a list of goals, but where to start.  Hmmmmm.

Also on the list, is going through and changing posts to make sure all the links work, and updating some of the pages to that you know what has sold from Bell’s.  I am thinking of a website, but I will wait a but longer for that.  I have enough on my plate.  Too much, actually, but those are the breaks when your mind is constantly working and coming up with more ideas than you can manage.








Projects in the works:

  1. Finish the chainmaille dragon.  Yep, that thing still has me flummoxed.  I have yet to download a tutorial.  I found a site that has one, but I haven’t had the funding to get it; so, I am muddling through.  Got many ideas on how to finish it, but none are coming together in my head.
  2. Finish my Nano Project, The Adventures of Robin and the Hanover House.  I am still going back and checking for continuity, and trying to get back to the outline, but, unfortunately, the story took on a mind if its own and stubbornly refuses to conform.  Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Finishing the Herbs in Your Kitchen posts.  I am going to convert the posts into an e-book.  Something else I have learn how to do.  (See what I mean?  This ADD is always coming up with new things for me to figure out.)
  4. Taking pictures of my inventory.  I have pictures, but I don’t like a lot of them; so, I am re-taking them.
  5. Reformatting the pages in the blog.  This may mean a new theme, but I haven’t found one that I liked yet.  I am very picky about my themes.

Goals…  How to do goals…  Hmmm…  Going to have to get back to you on that one.

Until then, God Bless, stay happy, and keep those pets inside!

Li’l Bit






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