New Year’s Goals, and Other Stuff… Part 2

Yep, it's open! Li'l Bit's Craft Corner
Yep, it’s open!
Li’l Bit’s Craft Corner

…Or Holy Crap!  I’m making more lists.

So, I finally sat down and made some goals for this year.  I haven’t made any real long term ones yet, but I am still working on those.

Making goals for me isn’t easy.  I tend to make them, and then go off and do something else, but I am determined not to let my ADD get the best of me this year.  Here is a list of my goals:



  • Weekly
    • Participate in more social media sharing things
      • Fan Page Sharing
      • Twitter sharing
      • Blog swaps
  • Monthly
    • List at least three existing pieces until they are all listed
    • Make two new pieces a week.
    • Do blog posts Mondays – Fridays
      • Have to make a schedule
  • January
    • Finish listing all the items I have by the 31st
    • Finish the Dragon I am working on…
      • Thank you to a follower on Tumblr for the tute!
    • Get to 500 Likes on my FB Page by the 31st
      • Give-away!
  • February
    • Edit Sci-Fi fantasy novel and add to it
    • Copy and paste Herbs in Your Kitchen posts to Open Office
      • Start turning it into a guide
    • Learn how to manage Google+ better. (I know.  A little late for this one, but *shrugs* gotta learn.)
    • Make at least two videos. (This ought to be fun in a truck. hee hee)
    • Better organize my pages that I follow into interest lists on FB

Along with this, I am going to figure out this whole Pinterest and blog thing.  I am re-doing a lot of Pinterest pics.  I have no clue how I am going to get more subscribers to my blog, but I hope and have faith that 2014 is my year!

Until next time,

God Bless and be successful!

Li’l Bit



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