Scheduling posts and keeping current…

Or why social media is giving me a headache.  UGH

a glimpse into my campaign schedule.
a glimpse into my campaign schedule.

So, this is part of my schedule for my social media outlets.  Looking good.  I downloaded fonts for gimp, mostly free stock photos and clipart for original memes, and I have a really good idea for trivia questions and answers; so, why do I feel like I am missing something?  I am going to post updates on projects on the half-hour, and pics of my etsy listings in the a.m. and evening.  Should I have included those, too?  This is getting a little much.

With Facebook constantly telling us what we want to see, and trampling all over small business attempts to keep their pages going, is it even worth it to continue posting anything on Facebook that is business related?  Should I just bite the bullet and learn how to maneuver around Google+ and leave Facebook behind?  What will happen to all the fans on Facebook that actually see my page?  I feel they shouldn’t be left out, but only a fraction see the posts.

For me, every “like” on Facebook isn’t a stat.  Every one of them is important.  Every one!  All the people who have liked my page deserve to see a glimpse of me and who I am.  I am disappointed in Facebook.  I am let down by the fact that they are making small businesses spend money on something that should be free.  I understand they have stockholders now, and have to compete on the stock market, but come on!  Why do the rest of us have to suffer?  -Dialing back the ADD.  Sorry about the rant-

So, I plan, schedule, make memes, and try my best to entertain, inform and inspire.  Yes, I do a little self-promotion, but in the end, that’s why the page was designed.

In the beginning, I just posted updates on projects and advertised my butt off, and I soon found out through social media pages that I was doing it all wrong.  Well, crap.  I changed up my posts, but then realized that I had to schmooze.  It is social media after all, and not post and pray media.  You have to schmooze to get noticed and keep schmoozing to stay in the game.  This brings me back to the beginning of my post.

The schedule, for some like me with ADD, schedules aren’t really my forte, but I will give them a shot. I just hope they will work out in the end.

Until next time, God Bless and Keep Crafting!


One thought on “Scheduling posts and keeping current…

  1. In the beginning of January this year I’ve kinda slunk off Facebook for awhile. It has been giving me too many headaches for too many years. Am keeping it open as an address book and a way to publicize my blogs, but that’s about it. I use it for private messaging, but am not even reading the Home page these days. And it’s been such a relief! I do feel for small business folk like you, though. Good luck figuring this out!


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