Made in America- Artisan Bath and Body

Soaps, muds, salts, and all handmade!

Artisan Bath and Body
Artisan Bath and Body

Wanted to bring back this segment of my blog, because so little of us crafters get a chance, or have the money to advertise.  I believe that the best you can buy is handmade, and I may be biased, but I hope this segment will change your mind.

This artisan’s name is…  well…  Let me give her the floor.

My name is Cristy Ramos, I started making soap in 2010, at first, I was looking for safe alternatives for laundry soap and baby soap since my little one had a really bad skin condition, eczema. I started with liquid soap because it was my preference as far presentation of a soap refers, but then learned that I was using pretty much detergents on my skin so I went ahead and started with liquid natural soap, and then I jumped to make hot process soaps. When the skin condition of my little one was not a problem anymore, I started making cold process soaps to use at home; we changed many habits and not only habits if not brands. We started learning about essential oils, natural care, herbs and more. Anyways, since I consider myself a very practical woman, I started making cold process soaps in 2011. Then when I had my preferable recipe, I started making artisan soaps instead of simple plain soap bars. I think I made over 800 batches of soap before I started selling them. We used most of them, some others were donated, some others were shared with family, friends, and co-workers. Making soap is part of my daily dose of motivation; I really enjoy making soap; it is my therapy. I started selling them because the friends of my friends were asking me to sell, so I decided to open my Etsy shop, which allows me to be in contact with most of them. Some of them talked to me about Etsy; they were the persons who introduced me to this world of Etsy, unknown for me at that time. I always try to improve my recipes, I love to formulate and I always learn something new to add to my soap formula recipe. Definitely the first 3 batches were the most difficult ones but since I studied to be a nurse in my country, I perfectly understood many terms into soap making, I started making soap after I read many books about soap- making and chemistry, so the difficult part for me was to understand that sometimes ingredients react differently on each batch.  Temperature, kind of oils, and additives all react differently, even if it’s an small variation in the recipe; soap- making is always a joyful moment of learning for me. When I started making changes on our family, I started making crèmes, mineral makeup and many other preparations that we use at home, some of them are not for sale at the moment in our Etsy nor website, but I someday will integrate a few other products.

Here are a few of her items…

Ready for the links?  Here they are:


Until Next time, God Bless and stay Crafty!

Li’l Bit


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