Two down, and more to go. It’s all about balance.

…or my battle with the bulge.

(Sorry, no picture.  I will have on next time.  Cross my heart.)
So, I am now at 189! I am below 190. Some may not think that that is a milestone, but I have had so many bumps along the way that everytime I break a x0, I feel like I have accomplished something. This time, I am determined to make it. Last week was rough. My schedule was off, the truck was down, and we were in a different big rig. This might be a big deal to most, but it threw me off.

I am still trying to find a way to fit everything in a day, and not feel like I am neglecting my love. He needs attention. Life is a balancing act, and so, I do my best to balance. All work, and home life falters. Too much fun, and work goes the way of the dino.

So far this is my schedule:


Bottle of water with my Daily Bible verse.

Coffee and breakfast; reading to my fiance. (He loves it when I read to him.)

Social Media scheduling. (I schedule most, but I still leave gaps to put in announcements and personal stuff.)

Schmoozing on Social. (This includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, instagram. Whew)

Meditation and Exercise


Playtime (FB games mostly)



Social (Sometimes together. Gotta take those pictures.)


Herbal studies or working on herbal book or novel. (I toss a coin, literally.)

Evening: Dinner. Crafting and watching Buddy play his games on the computer. We are down to one computer; so, I have to fit everything in during the day.

Until Next time! God Bless and stay crafty!


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