From Across the Pond: Abso-knitting-lutely!

Looking for something unique to compliment your knitting or crochet? Want something colorful? Look no further than our friend from England:


Our first Made in England Crafter! Here is a little more about her…

I see that you’ve traveled. Where have you been? 

The furthest I have ever travelled is New Zealand where I stayed for 6 weeks. It’s an incredible place with so many different landscapes and so much to see. Unfortunately, this was before I started knitting so I missed out on the chance to get my hands on some New Zealand wool. Instead, I bought lots of books, which were my obsession back then.

My family travelled a lot when I was little. By the age if 12 I’d seen quite a few places on holiday and had already moved countries twice. I was born in Germany, but when I was 7 we moved to Bangladesh. At the age of 12 we returned to Germany and in 2009 I moved to the UK on my own.

What drew you to crafting?

I don’t really know! I have always been artistic and creative. Up until my late 20s I did a lot of writing, drawing and painting, a little bit of sculpture too. I even studied art! So I think the need to create something and to express myself in another medium was there from very early on (I used to be very shy and didn’t express myself much verbally except in writing). That need hasn’t changed, but the medium has: from writing, drawing and painting to knitting, spinning, dyeing and working with polymer clay.

What was the first piece you crafted?

I don’t know what the very first piece ever was, though it would be interesting to find out. But the first thing I ever knitted was an improvised hat. I was teaching myself the basics online and practiced knit and purl stitches. I ended up with a large rectangle that I turned into a hat! I think I still have it somewhere. It’s got tied off edges at the top that look like cat’s ears when I wear it.

What types of crafts do you make?

Too many for the tiny place I live in! I knit, spin my own yarn and dye it too. Most recently I started needle-felting which I had wanted to try for ages. Then of course I make a lot of little things from polymer clay. Those little charms become earrings, necklaces, bracelets and stitch markers. My favourite craft, though, is knitting. You can never have enough woolly goodness!

What is the most difficult craft you’ve made?

Hm, I think I probably haven’t tried a difficult one yet. All crafts are different, but not necessarily difficult. I suppose people would probably say spinning is the hardest craft I do though. I am still learning new techniques. A few months ago I tried spinning longdraw, and that was definitely not as easy as others made it look! Now I have (nearly) mastered it.

Which country that you’ve visited, would you say, influences your crafts the most?

I suppose Bangladesh has probably influenced my love of colour. I like bold colours and you see them a lot there, everything is colourful. I mean, you just have to look at their painted lorries to see what I mean. My German side makes me very efficient, and I’ll always finish what I started and do it well. Now I am waiting to see how Britain has influenced me – other than my saying “please” and “thank you” and “sorry” far too often.

Do you fill special orders?

I do sometimes. If customers want something I used to make, that’s no problem at all and I’ll happily make more. If they have a very unique request, I first need to figure out if I can do it. There’s a limit to my skills, but I’ll definitely give it a try.

What or who drew you to Etsy? 

At the time, I only knew of two other platforms, both of which were not particularly international. I liked the look of Etsy far more and had heard more about it too. I liked that Etsy was all about handmade, vintage and supplies. If course, this is changing at the moment due to their rather unfortunate redefinition of what constitutes handmade and the inclusion of manufacture, but it is still the best place for now. I sell in two other places as well, but all my energy goes into my Etsy shop.

Here come the pictures!  Compliments of the crafter:

Twitter: @KnittyNadia

Thank you!


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