Made in America- Mosaics By Chelsea


From everyday décor she branched into a truly beautiful and unique style of jewelry. I’ll let her tell you…

1.What got you into making jewelry?

Meet Chelsea...
Meet Chelsea…

This was the next step for me. I had started out with making Mosaic décor such as: wall hangings, mirrors, crosses etc. I wanted to branch out with my designs and make them more personal. Jewelry seemed like the perfect fit.

2.How long have you been crafting jewelry?

I have been making mosaics for 2 years but I’ve only been working with jewelry for a short time.

4.How long does it generally take you to make a pendant?

The process has several steps. To fully complete a piece from start to finish, it takes one to two days, depending on complexity. Every piece is unique!

5.Do you craft any other style of jewelry?

My biggest style to date has been the pendants but I’m beginning to branch out to making bracelets, rings and earrings. I feel like the possibilities are endless.

6.What site do you sell your pieces through?

Majority of my daily sales happen on my Facebook Page, but I also have an Etsy page, with a limited selection for sale.

7.If there is a piece of advice you would give to those that are curious about making jewelry, what would it be?

What started out as a hobby that enjoyed only for myself is growing into a business. My advice would be to discover what you love and run with it. If you love making jewelry and want to take it to the next level, you have to be willing to put in the work. Above all though, you have to LOVE IT.

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