Made in the UK… Dianne’s Jewellery

From Scotland With Love: Dianne’s Jewellery




Dianne got bit with the bug when she visited a friend’s house. She uses sterling silver, semi-precious gems, and paua shells to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  1. What got you into making jewelry? Whilst on holiday in America I saw some of the work being done by a friend and her daughter. After a great deal of encouragement, I was persuaded to take my first faltering steps, and the rest is history.

    2. Have you always made pieces from precious metals and gemstones? I have always preferred working with Sterling Silver and semi-precious gemstones and, especially, Fresh Water Pearls, although, for economy, my first attempts included silver plate findings and glass beads.

    3.How long have you been crafting jewelry? My visit to friends took place in 2000, so my interest has developed since then.

    4.How long does it generally take you to smith a piece, such a bracelet, generally? This is a difficult one! Often I spend a considerable amount of time assessing the stones, noting their quality and finish, before choosing those I feel complement one another and arranging them for inclusion into a piece. Sometimes I work on several pieces at the same time to reach set stages in the assembly. So to put a time on a single piece is not easy.

    5.  Do you sell through any other outlets? I sell in several local outlets in the South West of Scotland, which by the way is a beautiful area, and I also do occasional Craft Events linked with two craft groups to which I belong.

    6.What or who turned you onto selling through etsy? Without my visit to the friends in America in 2000, I don’t think I would have found this interest, which has become a most enjoyable hobby. So I have to thank them for introducing me to jewellery making.

    7.  If there is a piece of advice you would give to those that are curious about making jewelry, what would it be? My advice to people considering embarking on this interest would be to buy the best materials you can afford and concentrate on styles which appeal to you. If you like it, so will others!


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