To have a website or not have one…

Or my eternal struggle with selling stuff from my blog.

(Sorry if this post is about to sound like a bunch of nonsense.)

So, I have this blog, and I have seen many people sell things from their blogs, but for some reason, I don’t feel comfortable with it. I everytime I have a post or format a page with something to sell, I feel like I am cheapening the blog. It’s a craft and health blog, right? It should be about making things, writing poetry and prose, and talking about herbs and aromatherapy. So, why am I having a problem selling things on it?


Will it lessen the message I am trying to send? Will people stop reading the

The website.  Should I even bother?
The website. Should I even bother?

blog if I am posting about sales or new items? Or is it better to keep the blog the way it was, and delete the sales pages, and put the pages on a website like the one on the left? GAH! I need help. What do you guys think?


God bless, and HELP!

Li’l Bit


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