Made In America: Heart and Soul Designs by Janet

This is a friend on mine I made on Facebook. She pours all heart into everything she makes and does. I hope you can take the time to visit her shop, and like her page. She does auctions for great causes!



Heart and Soul Designs by Janet
Heart and Soul Designs by Janet

What got you into making jewelry?
I have been doing some sort of “art” since I was young, but as I got older it came out of need. I was a single parent and made jewelry to sell for much needed extra money.

2. Have you always made pieces from precious metals and gemstones?
No, when I first start making jewelry, I used cording and wooden beads, I made macrame bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wall hangings, and plant hangers.

3. How long have you been crafting jewelry?
I first starting making jewelry when I was a teenager, so that was many moons ago.. lol
It’s been at least 40 years from when I first starting making jewelry. At times, I would stop for years. Then, I took it up again seriously 9 years ago.

4. How long does it generally take you to smith a piece, such a bracelet, generally?
It depends on the type of bracelet it is. Anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour, if all is going well.

5. Do you sell through any other outlets?
I have a Facebook business page, and on Etsy, that it’s right now. In the past I have done craft shows.

6. What or who turned you onto selling through etsy?
I stumbled upon Etsy in a Google search.

8. I know you raise money for animal shelters. How often do you have auctions? Can you provide some of the shelter links?
I try to have at least one auction a month on my business page.
Here are some of the rescues that I have donated too.
Tiger Lily Cat Rescue,

NBS Animal Rescue

Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan


Hopeful Heart Rescue

It’s A Pittie Rescue

Southwest Michigan German Shepard Rescue

7. If there is a piece of advice you would give to those that are curious about making jewelry, what would it be?
It’s takes a lot of time and dedication, don’t give up!! If you have a business page, interact with your customers as much a possible. It’s something I enjoy doing, getting to know those that visit my page. I have a great group of people that are a part of my pages fan base. They are awesome!!

If you want to see more of her work, here is her shop link:

She’s Social!



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