The Dragon… At Last!

…or sleeping in his cave until his trip.

Chainmaille Dragon
Doesn’t he look cute peeking out of his cave?

Here sits the dragon, in his cave, awaiting the final payment so he can make the journey to his forever home. We’ve had ups and downs, wire coiling, jump ring cutting, linking and re-linking, conundrums, frustrations, “colorful metaphors” shouted, and lots of referencing tutorials and head scratching, but here he sits, peeking out of his box, waiting to go to his home. I couldn’t, in good conscience, tell you how many hours I spent on him. I have no clue. I don’t time myself when I work. Some say I should, but when I get started on a project, it doesn’t cross my mind.


I used seven different weaves on this monster of a project. There isn’t one like him anywhere. I looked. I haven’t seen one with so many weaves. I haven’t seen one with captive beads. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I didn’t find one. I guess the question is, now that I know how to make one, will do I it again? Will I go through the frustration again? Will I ever give birth to another dragon? Yes, I believe I will.

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Until next time, God Bless and Stay Crafty!



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