It’s a Carnival!

…or how I made my first wired up cuff.


Red Agate
The Red Agate with the prelim wrap.

All this came about because we purchased a small bag of stones while we were in the southwest. They are all oddly shaped, and of course, not a drilled hole in sight. This meant I had to remember how to wrap a stone. I was very nervous. I had used chainmaille to wrap a blue agate, and I love how that piece looked, but doing that piece taught me I couldn’t use the same weave in another piece, not a bracelet at least. I needed to come up with a plan.



wire frame
The wire frame for the cuff.

In a rare moment for me (I tend to wing a lot of my pieces, no measuring, no guide.), I measured out the wires for the frame of the cuff. Then I marked them so I could weave them together. Yes, I said weave, like many of us used to do with those gummy bracelets from yester-year. (Sorry, young ones, you missed that fad.) It wasn’t easy, but I managed to do it. This lead me to another problem.


You see, I can weave them together, but they will not stay together without help. I had to weave them together, and then figure out how to weave the stone into it. This was not easy. The last thing I had wrapped with wire had drill holes. Boy, did I have to access my old hard drive (brain), and remember how to do it.


After the stone, came all the embellishments and more wrapping. It took a while, but I finally go it done, and it’s ready and waiting for its forever home!

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agate wire cuff
Carnival! Red dyed agate wire cuff.

$54.00  Etsy shop

Until next time, God Bless and Stay Crafty!



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