Scared, Nervous, and a Little Apprehensive…


…Or how I have to go back to working two jobs to make my dreams come true.

I’ve been here before , having to get a steady job in order to make ends meet and fund the business.  It’s just a second job.  It shouldn’t be a big deal.  So, Why is my heart racing?  Why am I scared?  Why do I feel like this is it?  Why do I feel like it’s all or nothing?




I mean.  I have worked delivering pizzas.  I’ve delivered news papers.  I’ve even worked in convenience stores to fill in financial gaps, all while building my business.  So, why am I nervous?  Why am I white-knuckled nail-biting nervous?  I don’t get it.  I shouldn’t be.  I’ve been here before, right?

*takes a deep breath*

I need to look at this from another angle.  There is a reason for this feeling.  I am living with my parents, for the time being.  I have no home to speak of, and no car.  Most of my belongings, including the rest of my jewelry making and herbal and aromatherapy stuff is in storage over 1100 miles away in storage.  I am putting everything I have in a dream, to help people feel better and use my hands to craft jewelry, teas, syrups, and other natural health items.


I am in a state where I only know three people, my parents and one online friend that I recently found out lived in Minnesota.  I have no clue how to get around up here, and I have no close friends to run to just to hang out.  (I’m beginning to see it.)  If I can’t do something to make it, my hubby and I will have to go somewhere else, where we aren’t putting a strain on my parents.

So, I guess it is all or nothing.  I guess this is it.  That would explain why I am apprehensive about starting this job.  Well, that and being fearful of not being able to put my full attention to my business.  The fearful thoughts of overlooking an order because I am tired or not mailing out something when I said I would.  Now, I am scaring myself again.  Have any of you gone through this?

Until next time, God Bless and stay crafty,

Li’l Bit




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