Soooo Many reasons why I need a clone…

…Or can we have longer days?


Where do I begin?  Holy crow, it’s been a madhouse.  Let’s see.  *thinks for a moment*  Oh yeah,  another move is in the future.  Seems like I am ending up right back where I started.  Well, the same state I started in, that is.  I am going back to GA.  Louisiana, as much as I love the warm weather, people, and the fact that I am really close to New Orleans, has turned out to be a bust.  I have been running around, making phone calls, and trying to line things up to get some money coming in, but alas, the only think I can find is freelance work, and that, for now, is paying something, even if it is a pittance.  Oh, yeah, back to the crux of the matter, needing more me.

Reason #1:  All the social media stuff…  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to snap pictures, post, and mingle with everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, here, and Tumblr, but, good grief Charlie Brown, I have got find a way to break it up into manageable blocks.  When I figure that one out, I will let you, my faithful readers in on it.  *snaps fingers*  Forgot to add Pinterest to the list.  UGH  *scribbles in her to-do list*

Reason #2:  Needing a job until the business takes off…  I have been freelancing for for a pittance, but I can’t complain.  It’s better than nothing.  Wait, I might be slightly off with that statement.  I have a wonderful colleague that referred me to a more reputable freelance site with whom I placed my first bid on a job.  This means a 30 hour week job, at least.  (You see where this is going, right?)

Reason #3:  My craft…  Or having all these great ideas, and, by the time I have finished everything else, it’s time for me to cook something for dinner and curl up on the couch with the hubby and watch TV.

Reason #4:  Marketing, paperwork, and organizing…  What are these foreign words?  This means, using a spread sheet to organize all the pieces that I make, pricing the items in the program; so, I don’t overcharge the customer or short change myself.  This also means making collages with my items and products, scheduling when they should go out and how to word the suckers so that Facebook doesn’t say, “Nope.  Not going to put it anyone’s feed because it sounds like an ad.”  UGH  Paperwork also means accounting.  Need I say more?

So the way I see it, I need about four of me, a writer, an admin with accounting chops, a social media butterfly, and cook and maid.  What would I do?  Make jewelry of course!

What would you do if you had clones?


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