Learning what works and what doesn’t…

…Or trying not to fall flat on my face while keeping up with everything.

thinking... thinking...thinking...
thinking… thinking…thinking…

Okay, so, I am using the task list in MS Outlook to tell me what I need to do each day.  I am also going to use note to put bookmarks and add comments to them for my e-book research (This is so I don’t have to keep wondering why I saved that link.).  I also have to make a couple of collages and schedule posts.  I am currently using buffer because, even though Hootsuite has downgraded me to free because I couldn’t pay due to lack of funds, it’s not letting me do squat. I am also using post and a couple of others.  I can’t wait until I can use Hootsuite again.

The next three days I will be ghost writing another e-book.  This one is going to take a lot of research.  It’s on bulimia, and I have never really delved into this eating disorder.  I have read articles here and there, but I have never really done in-depth research.  This one is going to be a challenge for me and a learning experience.  I have broken the book down into three days:

  1. Research, outlining and the first two chapters;
  2. Three chapters on this day; and
  3. Last Chapter, conclusion, and source listing on this day.

This is the way I have been doing it, and it’s worked out thus far.

My bracelet is still laughing maniacally at me, unfinished to my right on the desk.  I will get to it.  I swear I will.  I just need to get this started first.

Until next time, stay crafty!



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